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Re: Logical formalisms

At 09:01 PM 7/28/99 , Vern wrote:

 >If you think appeals to mystery are "misunderstood," on
 >the classical basis, what makes you think that appeals
 >to extended or deviant "logics" will somehow make the
 >situation better?

One concrete example of how a free logic seems more useful
than a classical logic for the sort of work we're doing
here pertains to the question of logical presuppositions.

In classical logic, presuppositions are trivial and wimpy.
But in a trivalent logic, or (preferably) a bivalent logic
with truthvalue gaps, presuppositions are nontrivial and
robust.  That interesting and relevant fact is a good
starting point for considering other possible areas in
which such a logic might prove beneficial to rational
Christian Theistic efforts in analytic philosophy.


David Byron

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