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Re: Truthfunctionality & TA's: Bahnsen vs. Byron - Frame

On 26 Aug 2002 at 19:15, Sean Choi wrote:

> Good job on this, Aaron. You obviously took the time to construct a
> well thought out reply to David. 

One thing I appreciate about the list (and something I can't take any credit 
for) is that there are a good number of people who are able (and willing) to 
competently and respectfully defend a range of viewpoints within a broadly 
Van Tilian perspective.  So I'm grateful for the contributions of folks such 
as Aaron and Mike Warren, who favour a more Bahnsenian (or they might argue, 
Van Tilian!) view of things, even though I disagree on some significant 
points -- and it's always good to pause now and again to remind ourselves 
that we agree on a whole lot more than we disagree on.

> I might post some of my thoughts on what you say here, after I have
> had a chance to give it a careful read. 



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