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Re: Van Til and Plantinga

--- In vantil@y..., "Scott Graybill" <s.e.graybill@w...> wrote:
> Dear James,
>         Besides the periodicals already mentioned by Michael 
Sudduth, one
> can add the Christian Scholars Review.   And all of us know how 
eager the
> Trinity Forum is to disseminate truthful and educational articles, 
but you
> would first have to come to your senses.
>         Any of us would feel priviledged to read your thoughts.  
Maybe one
> can post it here with the subject line: Steal this paper.
> Scott.

Ha!  That gave me a good laugh Scott.

Speaking of the Trinity Forum, here's a quote
that I thought was of some interest:

"We always have as the theme of this science
[of theology] an axiom, a final and non derivable
thing that is grounded in itself and is original
in the absolute sense."
                                --- Karl Barth
(Quoted in T. Gorringe, *Karl Barth: Against
Hegemony*, [1999], p. 102.)

According to Gorringe, Barth believes that
"[t]his 'axiom' is God's revelation" (Idem).

So Clarkians and Robbinites are really Barthians
at heart, no? :-)


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