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An expert had confirmed the authenticity and signature

While we’re on the subjects of Steve Martin, connoisseurship, and forgery, der Spiegel is kind enough to bring them together in a story about the blossoming fake Expressionists scandal.

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I’ll have a half double-decaffeinated half-caff with a twist of lemon

Connoisseurship is at a crossroads, and H. Niyazi of Three Pipe Problem explores that intersection in his review of James Beck’s From Duccio to Raphael: Connoisseurship in Crisis.  Beck, no stranger to controversy, sets an agenda for reform by calling … Continue reading

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“Elementary,” he said.

David Packwood of Art History Today provides an interesting overview of some issues raised at the intersection of traditional connoisseurship and scientific analysis. Do contemporary empirical methods threaten to displace the variable, and sometimes volatile, mix of observation, intuition, memory, … Continue reading

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