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Explaining, making excuses, and foreshadowing the epic destiny of Baroque Potion.

Unformed Thoughts on the Shape of Blogging

On 2013-05-01, Hasan Niyazi of the art history blog Three Pipe Problem asked for my response to three questions. I believe he asked many other art, art history, and history bloggers as well, in hopes of aggregating and characterizing the … Continue reading

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Rise and Shine!

  Long lay the words in spin and stasis pining…. Uhm…. Deck the blog with vows of content…. No, that’s not it.  Wait….  Wait a minute– I’ve got it!  Ahem…. Ding dong ding dong…. Where is a post? I want … Continue reading

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Mayday! Mayday!

Did I say “a couple of days”? I guess I meant a couple of weeks…. I have found and re-inserted the illustrations for previous blog posts. Baroque Potion now has a new home on a CentOS Linux server under my … Continue reading

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