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Top searches on the night of the Houdini movie

Here are the top search terms and phrases, from the night of “History” Channel’s Houdini biopic, that led to this site: houdini images of houdini and daisy white houdini was an arrogant little bastard Heh. Of related interest:

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Unformed Thoughts on the Shape of Blogging

On 2013-05-01, Hasan Niyazi of the art history blog Three Pipe Problem asked for my response to three questions. I believe he asked many other art, art history, and history bloggers as well, in hopes of aggregating and characterizing the … Continue reading

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Unable to flip the bird

2007 saw the demise of Ileana Sonnabend, a legendary purveyor of art created after 1945. Among the famous works in her considerable estate was Robert Rauschenberg’s Canyon, a canonical, influential mid-century work well known from survey texts and studies of formal … Continue reading

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