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Boiling art down and extracting the essence of what’s old in what’s new, a retroprospective reflecollection.

Houdini Now and Then – Caught on the Web

This article originally appeared in The Mandala Magazine (2:5), April 2012 Houdini Now and Then: Caught on the Web It’s tough being a fan of the Great Houdini. Your non-magician friends quickly grow tired of hearing you say “Watch me … Continue reading

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Dogged determination

I once heard Phil Leider say of Francisco Goya that he had only ever truly longed for two things: the career of Diego Velázquez and the love of the Duchess of Alba. Maybe that’s so. His last duchess Goya depicted … Continue reading

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Of Neighbors and Fences

From Patrick at Popehat comes news of a blockbuster art theft. Someone with no intention of selling the thing, and every intention of savoring it (or perhaps eliciting ransom for it), has contracted a crack team of pane-removing window climbers … Continue reading

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