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Houdini Now and Then – Caught on the Web

This article originally appeared in The Mandala Magazine (2:5), April 2012 Houdini Now and Then: Caught on the Web It’s tough being a fan of the Great Houdini. Your non-magician friends quickly grow tired of hearing you say “Watch me … Continue reading

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RIP, Hasan Niyazi

It seems Hasan Niyazi, the tireless blogger, talented amateur art historian, and independent Renaissance scholar behind the popular art history blog Three Pipe Problem and the ambitious Open Raphael project, has died suddenly at 37, the same tender age as his idol, … Continue reading

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Unformed Thoughts on the Shape of Blogging

On 2013-05-01, Hasan Niyazi of the art history blog Three Pipe Problem asked for my response to three questions. I believe he asked many other art, art history, and history bloggers as well, in hopes of aggregating and characterizing the … Continue reading

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