The New Leonardo is a Three Pipe Problem

The game is afoot! Hasan Niyazi is on a mission to separate fact from fancy in the matter of the newly attributed Leonardo painting, the Salvator Mundi.

In his latest post, H. provides a summary and some speculations based on the information currently available to the public. Along the way, he explores the history of this iconography, dips a toe in the Timaeus, and continues to develop his stance regarding the intersection of connoisseurship and science.

Check it out!

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One Response to The New Leonardo is a Three Pipe Problem

  1. H Niyazi says:

    Many thanks for the mention David. I like the Holmesian reference :) I eagerly await the Yale Press title. I hope it explores the links with Timaeus further, as well as fills some of the data gaps for provenance.

    Kind regards

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