Rise and Shine!

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite


Long lay the words in spin and stasis pining….


Deck the blog with vows of content….

No, that’s not it.  Wait….  Wait a minute– I’ve got it!  Ahem….

Ding dong ding dong….

Where is a post?
I want a post!
Something is broke,
Nothing’s Baroque.

What’s in the feed
When I’m in need?
Please talk of art!
When will it start?

I quaff a potion
When there’s a notion,
Some mental itching
That calls for scritching.

Very very very very listless!
Very very very very gristless!

Wait, there’s a post!
Is that a ghost?
No, it’s alive,
Slated to thrive!

Will there be more?
What lies in store?
What heady brew
Waits in the queue?

Break out a beaker,
Clink with a fleaker,
Drink to renewal!
Artful accrual!

Time to pin unruly themes and wrestle
Rampant forms to ground with mortar, pestle!

And so, in the spirit of the season, did Baroque Potion rise.

Life!  Life, do you hear me!  Give my creation life!

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One Response to Rise and Shine!

  1. Eric says:

    That’s beautiful. You win the award for best “sorry I haven’t posted” post of all time.

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